Sick of the same old porch swing? Then why not upgrade to a porch swing bed! This DIY tutorial will show you how to build one in a weekend and have it ready for your next outdoor gathering. With a few simple tools and some basic woodworking skills, it’s easy to make this fun project come together quickly.

Tools and Materials Needed

To make your own porch swing bed, you will need the following materials and tools:

-A drill and drill bits


-A miter saw or jigsaw

-Sandpaper or an electric sander

-Wood glue

-Paint or sealer (optional)

-Measurement tape

-2x4 lumber for framing          

-1x4 lumber for slats  

-Rope or chains for suspension  

-Eye hooks or lag screws for mounting  

-Cushions (optional)  

-Pillows (optional)   


-4 bolts with washers and nuts if using rope instead of chain for suspension.

Building the Frame For Your Porch Swing Bed

    To begin building your swing bed, you need to start by constructing the frame.

Use the 2x4 lumber to create two rectangular frames that are slightly larger than the size of your mattress.

Secure them together with screws at all four corners and reinforce with additional screws as needed.

Make sure to measure twice before cutting as mistakes can be costly here! Once you’ve built both frames, sand down any rough edges with sandpaper or an electric sander so they are smooth to the touch. Now it’s time to attach your slats!    

Attaching the Slats For Your Porch Swing Bed  

   Take your 1x4 lumber pieces and cut them into equal lengths based on the size of your mattress. These will serve as your slats, which should be spaced evenly apart from one another on both frames that you created earlier.

Secure them in place with wood glue and/or drilling screws through each one into the frame below it. Finish off by sanding down any rough edges on all surfaces once more before moving onto the next step.

Suspending Your Porch Swing Bed      Now it’s time to suspend your swing bed so you can enjoy it outdoors!

Depending on what type of material you use here depends on where you will mount it; if using rope, affix four eye hooks into each corner of both frames securely so they don’t move around when in use then attach four pieces of rope between each eye hook to suspend from above.

If using chains instead, simply mount four bolts with washers and nuts into each corner of both frames then attach four pieces of chain between each bolt for suspension.

💮* Decorate As Desired  

At this point, you have successfully built yourself a swing bed! But wait—there’s still more work to be done before finally being able to relax in it outside!

If desired, now is your chance paint or sealer over everything so that no water damage occurs over time from exposure outdoors; add cushions and/or pillows; hang curtains around it; accessorize with plants and other decorations—the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy Your Finished Product    

All that is left now is just sit back, relax, and enjoy your finished product! Whether used alone or shared among friends, this porch swing bed is sure to bring hours upon hours of outdoor relaxation while also improving upon its aesthetic value too.

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*Note: It is important to make sure whatever material used here can handle weight safely before attaching anything else onto its structure. Be safe out there – we don't want anyone getting hurt during their DIY projects!

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With these steps in mind, building a porch swing bed doesn't have to be difficult—it's actually quite fun!

In just a weekend's worth of work (plus drying time), you'll have something unique that looks great with minimal effort required from start until finish.

So grab some supplies from your local store today then get started on making yourself a cozy spot outdoors like no other! Happy crafting everyone!